Golden Circle Of 
                                   4 Days Tour 

Golden Circle of Transylvania combines nature with culture and connects the most important attractions of Transylvania. You can expect to do a 9km long hike as well as you can expect a relaxing afternoon in a medieval city, a visit at the bear sanctuary or a visit to our friend Dracula. We have linked all these activities for you in order to understand what Transylvania means. This tour was built with the intention of making it the best you can choose. Tour has them all. 


     Turda Salt Mine                                                                       Dracula Castle             

        Alba Iulia                                                                            Bear Sanctuary

    Balea Waterfall                                                                        Brasov

       Balea Lake                                                                           Sighisoara

 Transfagarasan Road                                                                    Saxon Villages 

     Rasnov Fortress                                                                    3 amazing hiking trails  

Let someone else navigate and drive, so you can relax and enjoy the spectacular views while a guide shares the fascinating stories behind the scenery.

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Day 1

The tour starts at 9 am with pick up from your accommodation in Cluj Napoca. The first stop on the Transylvania Golden Circle route is Turda Salt Mine, where we will go 120 m deep underground to discover a science fiction theme park. Listen  the salt mine story from your Curly Guide while you admire the salt stalactites in Rudolf mine. At the base of the mine, we will take a canoeing boat tour on an underground lake to navigate to the heart of Transylvania. After that, we will go to Turda Gorges, where we will make a 9km long hike through and over the gorge from where we will have a spectacular view over the Transylvania landscape. During the hike we will identify plants and animals specific to the area. The third stop will be in a Transylvanian village, where we will take time to visit and have lunch in a traditional way. At the end of the day we will visit Coltesti fortress, and then head to our accommodation in Alba Iulia. 

Turda Salt Mine

Turda Salt Mine


- over 2,000 years of history

- the largest salt mine museum in the world

- ranked by Business Insider as the most beautiful underground place in the world


Rimetea Village


-Most beautiful rural attraction in Romania.

-In Rimetea, the sun rises twice :)

-European Commission’s Europa Nostra Award, proposed for UNESCO 

Turda gorge Cheile Turzii is a natural r

Turda Gorges


-1,000 plant species 

-67 species of birds, butterflies

-9km hike with 300m elevation level

-4 adventure bridges

Coltesti Forteress


-Built more than 700 years ago

-Coltesti Fortress is a perfect example, a spectacular ruin in the panoramic landscape at sunset.

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Day 2

The second day combines culture with nature in a unique way. The second day starts with a tour of Alba Carolina Citadel to find out the complex history of this Vauban style Citadel. Afterwards we will go to Balea waterfall via Transfagarasan road. By cable car we will reach the most beautiful glacial lake in Romania, Balea Lake, from where we will start the hike up to 2311 m. The hiking trail is medium-level with an elevation gain of 300m. We will enjoy the nature and the beauty of Carpathian Mountains, we will have a picnic and then we will start the journey to Brasov city where we will stay for the night. We will visit the main attractions of the medieval city and enjoy dinner. 

Alba Iulia forteress

Alba Iulia

1" STOP 

-Largest Citadel In Romania.

-From the Roman to the Habsburg Empire and the Great Union

Balea Lake

Balea lake and 

Balea Waterfall


-The glacial lake has been carved 2,034 metres (6,673 feet) up into the rugged stones of the Fagaras Mountains

Transfagarasan Romania



-Probably the Best Road in the World

-A landmark of the communist regime

Black Chuch



-Founded by Teutonic Knights in 1211

-The old town is one of the best preserved old towns in Romania.

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Day 3

Day 3 is about myth and legend. After a generous breakfast, we will go to Libearty Bear Sanctuary where we will meet the 100 bears that are protected in this place. We will make a tour of the reservation with a local guide who will teach us all about brown bears and how they protect this species. The next stop will be the famous castle of Dracula where we will follow the footsteps of Count Vlad the Emperor and learn about the Romanian Royal Family.


 In the afternoon we will head to Rasnov and we will visit the fortress. The sunset will catch us on the way Crit the village where we have accommodation. 





Created in the memory of Maya, the Libearty Sanctuary is now the home of 100 brown bears, rescued from miserable living conditions, being abused in captivity.




One of the most imposing and best-conserved medieval sites in Transylvania,

Bran Castle




“Once again...welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.”
― Bram Stoker, Dracula




Founded in 1267 by a foreign Flemish community arrived as mercenariesthe Hungarian Medieval Kingdom and speaking a dialect that can be today found onlyinLuxemburg, Deutschekreuz/Criţ kept his identity as Saxon village till our days.


Day 4

Last day of travel it is planned to be a more relaxing one, today we will visit 4 UNESCO world heritage Sites, 3 Saxon villages, and Medieval City of Sighisoara we will have a tour and we will have lunch in the citadel of Sighisoara. After these days of traveling through Transylvania, you will get an idea about the culture here, about history, and about the landscapes and you will understand Transylvania with good and bad.

The sunset will catch us on the way to Cluj Napoca.




The Saxon Village Where Traditions Came Back to Life

( UNESCO World Heritage Site )



-Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

-Birthplace of Vlad Dracula

-One of Europe's last inhabited medieval citadel.




Saschiz Fortified Church -

( UNESCO World Heritage Site )



Biertan Fortified Church -

( UNESCO World Heritage Site )

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Katherine Byrne


It was excellent. The landscape constantly took my breath away and the history of the region, reflected in the buildings, was fascinating. In addition, I ate
some great food on my trip.
My guides were friendly and well-informed and made the whole trip a real pleasure.