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         Cluj Adventure Tour 

If you love nature and adrenaline, this tour is definitely for you . 

The tour starts at 10:00 am, We will pick you up from your accommodation in Cluj-Napoca and we will head to Turda Gorge.


From here we use a zipline, to get to the canyon.











The Longest Zip Line in Transylvania

Distance - 600m Speed - 100 km/h

Level Diference100 m.

*For People weighing over 75 Kg (165 LB)

they will need a parachute In order not to exceed the speed

After Zip Line, we will go hiking through and up Turda Gorge.











The canyon is nearly 3 km long, with 300 m high walls sculpted in weathered limestone.
We will find here a wild karst panorama, with high cliffs and steep with sharp ridges, rock towers, long paths for walking, climbing routes, hiking trails and dozens of caves, almost all of them of small size. Turda Gorge is accessible for all age tourists, adults, and children. Turda Gorge has more than you can wish for: an accessible footpath, a small river, a canyon, some caves, climbing rocks.

Distance : 9 Km 
Moving Time 3 h

Elevation gane 339 m

Elevation Loss 339 m

Max Elevation 751m (Strana)


In the evening we will take you back to your accommodation in Cluj-Napoca.

Turda Gorge
Zip Line in Romania

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Foy and Jasper


We had our first real hike experience with de Curly guide. He helped us really well during the way and knew a lot about the surrounding and nature. He told as well
options of activities in Cluj.

We liked the package that is included with this trip. The pick-up at the apartment, the zip line hike and Mountain Coaster.


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