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Embark on a unique adventure through Romania's breathtaking rural landscapes on this full-day tour from Cluj-Napoca. Explore the historic Turda Salt Mine, a 400-year-old legacy of the region's industrial heritage.


Marvel at the stunning beauty of Turda Gorge, a symbol of Romania's famous countryside. Indulge in the authentic flavors of traditional Romanian cuisine in the charming village of Rimetea. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with inclusive transfers and entrance fees, and receive personalized attention from your expert small-group guide. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tick off three of Romania's must-see rural attractions.


The tour starts at 9 o'clock in the morning with a pickup from  CLuj-Napoca City Center 'Piata Unirii'. We will travel a distance of 31 km to Turda Salt Mine. We will have a guided tour in English and afterward, we will have free time to take advantage of the facilities of this theme park. List of activities: Ferris Wheel, Mini golf, Bowling, Boating on the underground lake, Pool table and Table tennis .

Around 12 o'clock we will head to the second attraction. 

Curly Tour 
Day trip from Cluj  :)

Turda Gorge


After visiting the salt mine, we will take 30 minutes drive close to Turda Gorge.


The canyon is nearly 3 km long, with 300 m high walls sculpted in weathered limestone. It depends on your physical condition here we will do a hike of 5 Km or 9 km in a circle tour. We will find a wild karst panorama, with high cliffs and steep with sharp ridges, rock towers, long paths for walking, climbing routes, hiking trails and dozens of caves.


The Gorge is a complex geological, biological and archaeological preserve. Many of the caves were inhabited by prehistoric man since the Neolithic. This small and wild canyon has a unique fauna and flora. More than 1000 plants and animal species (some of them rare or endangered, like wild garlic or eagle rock), birds, butterflies, fish, amphibians and some mammals (foxes, weasels, Martens) live here. Turda Gorge is accessible for all age tourists, adults, and children. There are areas where you just enjoy walking near the water, hearing always its flow, but there are also portions of the path where you have to keep holding to the metal string attached to the stone wall. Turda Gorge has more than you can wish for: an accessible footpath, a small river, a canyon, some caves, climbing rocks, spots where you can have a picnic by the river. 

Bring the camera because you will be impressed with the work that a river did inside a mountain in hundreds of millions of years.

Turda gorge Cheile Turzii is a natural r

Rimetea Village 

Rimetea Village

After the hiking trail, we will head to Rimetea village. Known for its traditional white houses with green windows, Rimetea is one of the best-conserved and most beautiful rural attractions in Romania. It’s also the first village in the country that was granted the Europa Nostra award for the successful preservation of its architectural patrimony. Rimetea was for hundreds of years an important mining and blacksmiths’ center, witnessing both prosperous times as a commercial city and decay as a simple medieval village. Besides having this unique and charming architecture, the village is also located in a wonderful geographical area. It is surrounded from side to side by 500-600 meter calcareous massifs and traversed from north to south by the River Rimetea. 

Here we will make a tour of the village after which we will serve a warm Romanian Traditional meal. 

On the way back will make a short stop at a monastery painted by nuns.








In the evening we will take you back to Cluj-Napoca. 


Check out Shara and Marek's experience in this Tour

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This tour is flexible and may change and adapt depending on the size of the group,  physical condition and needs of the group.

For more questions about the tour please contact Curly Guide at


Catarina & Miguel

In this tour there were so many good things... The mine was so much better than we thought there are many activities inside the mine ping-pong, a lake that you can go with a boat, mini-golf.. In the end we got some traditional food called langos.
Now it started the adventure with hiking in Turda Gorge it a little rain this made it difficult and funny. This was awesome the sightseeing was indescribable.. This is a must. After we went to a countryside village to eat and also did some walking, buy souvenirs.
If you enjoy landscapes, nature, see the countryside, traditional food and visiting the mines. This tour is suitable for you.


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