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Discover Apuseni Mountains 

Scarita Summit, Sipote Waterfall and  Dumesti Village 

Embark on an exciting quest to discover rare wildflowers, enchanting mushrooms, and indigenous plants, immersing yourself in the unspoiled beauty of the Apuseni Mountains during this captivating tour from Cluj. Journey into the heart of the mountains, reaching the quaint village of Posaga de Sus, where an exhilarating alpine hike awaits you through a lush beech forest to the majestic Scarita peak, standing tall at 1384 meters (4541 feet) above sea level. Given the elevation and the challenging nature of the hike, participants should possess a moderate level of fitness to fully enjoy this experience.

This tour is tailored for those with a passion for exploring flora and fauna, engaging in invigorating hikes, and capturing the breathtaking scenery through photography. Feel free to set your own pace and indulge your curiosity by asking any questions that may arise during this enriching adventure.

The journey kicks off at 8 o'clock in the morning with a convenient pickup directly from your accommodation in Cluj-Napoca.

Traversing a scenic distance of 79 km in just 1 hour and 30 minutes, we arrive at the picturesque village of Posaga de Sus, where our invigorating hike commences. The trail weaves through a beech forest, unveiling an ascending path that leads to an alpine zone, offering breathtaking views of calcareous, white cliffs. Passing by abandoned wood hovels, we ascend to the ridge, ultimately conquering the summit of Scarita, the highest peak in the region.

The panoramic views from the summit are truly awe-inspiring!

Scarita-Belioara stands as a botanical reserve, showcasing a diverse array of rare plants that have endured through ancient glacial periods. This natural wonder is not only a habitat for unique flora but also hosts rare fauna, including butterflies and the majestic golden eagle, the largest recorded raptor bird in Romania, which nests on the precipitous cliffs.

From this vantage point, the Aries river valley, the Trascaului Mountains to the south, and the expansive Muntele Mare plateau are easily identifiable.

Throughout the hiking route, you'll encounter a profusion of wildflowers and fungi, providing an opportunity for identification and appreciation of the local biodiversity.

Upon our return, time permitting, we'll explore the enchanting Sipote waterfall and the remote Dumesti village.

As the day concludes, we'll ensure a comfortable journey back to your accommodation in Cluj-Napoca, leaving you with lasting memories of a remarkable adventure in the Apuseni Mountains.

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This tour is flexible and may change and adapt depending on the size of the group, arrival and departure date, physical condition and needs of the group.

For more questions about the tour and bookings please contact Curly Guide at



Hi all! I am so happy to share my unforgetable impressions of the Scarita Belioara tour. Amazing place, adventure and fairytale alike fabulous views, all together in one amazing experience ❤️ And of course our tour guide Tudor exceeded all our expectations with his attentive approach, professional guidance, entertainment and a lot of fun for my teens 😄 I would love to return to the place many more times with Curly Giude Tours! 😉


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