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Discover Romania
in a responsible way

If you’re looking to enhance your next trip with an exciting and engaging tour, consider working with Curly Guide Tours.


We are professional Eco-Tour Guides with years of experience in guiding travelers who are interested in learning new things about the world in fun and unconventional ways.


Check out our active tours, look at pictures of past ones, and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Day Hike

Cluj Adventure

Pickup Cluj 

Day Trip
Curly Tour 


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Day Hike

Vladeasa Mountains

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I'm responsible for leading, guiding and teaching tourists as well as helping to stimulate the economic development opportunities in local communities.


I like an ECO TOUR GUIDE I function in the same way that regular tour guides or adventure tour guides do. Except, instead of showing people historically significant locations or guiding people on exciting bungee jumps, I guide tourists appreciate animals and nature in a new way. Often, this means using bikes and hiking boots instead of cars, rowboats, and canoes instead of motorboats, and touring parks out of season, to lessen the stress visitors have on natural environments.    I prefer to travel in a smaller group.


'' With only 10 tourists on a dolphin-watching trip, in a small, quiet boat, dolphins and other sea animals might be more willing to surface and visit with the tourists, while a larger boat with 60 tourists might just scare them off''


Usually, I lead long hikes and camping trips, and short walks to waterfalls. During their tours, I educate tourists on responsible behaviors, human-imposed dangers, and encourage them to use their new knowledge and appreciation of nature to educate others about the importance of ecotourism. 


When I’m not outdoors looking for the next great adventure, I spend my time doing research and exploring new possibilities to help keep my tours fresh, interesting, and relevant. Have a look at all the great packages, and get in touch with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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Hiking and Culture
Short Break
Northern Romania 

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Golden Circle of Transylvania

Pickup Cluj 


Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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