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It all started when a group of Americans made up of teachers and students sent an email to Curly Guide agency to request a personalized tour through Romania.

 Following  their email, a group of licensed guides from Transylvania gathered at Curly Guide office in order to create a bespoke trip crafted to their specifications.

To know what to build we used questions:

How many people? How long? When? What kind of experience? ...

And the answers quickly came out: 5 people, 5 days, 2 vegetarians, 1 non-dairy, Biologists.

We took into account their answers... Spending time as much as possible in nature was mandatory.

Let's see how their adventure came out on Transylvanian fairytale land.

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Day 1

Eco Minivan

At 8 am Curly team, Tudor and Manu, were waiting  for American tourists in front of the hotel in Cluj Napoca ready to offer them the trip of their lives. The first stop was the Transylvanian Delta.

A paradise for birds....

The Reed in Sic
Sic Reed
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After seeing the birds, we stopped at the Dance Museum in Sic village...

Dance Museum
Dance Museum 2
Dance Museum 3
Dance Museum 4
Dance Museum 5
Dance Museum 6

Exhibitions of traditional clothes, musical instruments, furniture, and photos from the local celebrations, presented in a pleasant way by Michael, a Dutchman who felt in love with Romanian countryside.

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Horses Watterfall

In the evening using a chairlift and taking a short hike, we reached the largest waterfall in Romania called Horses Waterfall

Horses' Waterfall
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After a day of adventure Mrs. Viorica, the owner of the guest house, not only she was waiting for us with a delicious traditional dinner, but she gave us the opportunity to wear traditional costumes from Maramures and to feel better the local spirit.


And so we became friends :)

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Day 2


The second day was a hiking day. We entered to Rodnei National Park and we climbed the most famous and tallest peak in the area, Pietrosul Rodnei. Some people from the group have reached the top, which is wonderful. But that was not the idea of ​​hiking. Spending time in nature and identifying plants and animals was the main objective of the hiking day.

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Day 3


We discovered the land of the deep forests and high mountains of Carpathians, on the bank of the
Wasser river, just a few kilometers South from the Ukrainian border from the last forestry narrow gauge
steam railway in Europe.

Mocanita Steam Train
Running wood-burning locomotive of Mocan
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Barsana 3

The sunset has caught us in a place in which locals consider that miracles happen; full of traditions and legends. 

Brsana 2
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Day 4

After a relaxing day, we spent the fourth day in nature. We followed an average route as a difficulty that led us to the ridge of the Rodnei Mountains. We had a picnic near the glacial lake, we identified plants and animals and spent the beautiful time on a ridge path at over 2000 m altitude.

Rodne National Park
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Day 5

After 5 days of adventure, hiking and culture we and our tourists went back home with memories that will last for long time.

The last day we spent in the medieval city of Sighisoara, discovering the beauty of one of the last UNESCO inhabited citadels.

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You and your group can have their own private adventure !

                                      Just follow these steps.

*Send us an email and tell us about your group.                            contact@

*We will send you a form to get to know you better

*We will analyze the group and the requirements, and we will establish two itineraries to choose from

*You can start packing. We are waiting for you in Transylvania  to offer you a Curly Experiance

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