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Jewish Heritage Tour

Discover the hidden gems of Cluj-Napoca's Jewish heritage on an enchanting walking tour that unveils the rich history and vibrant culture of the Jewish community thriving there today. Wander through the city's historic streets as your expert guide leads you to iconic landmarks such as the Neolog Synagogue, the Orthodox Synagogue, the Prayer Home, and the Jewish Museum

Immerse yourself in the compelling stories of the past and present, as your guide shares fascinating tales of the Jewish community’s resilience and contributions to contemporary Transylvanian society. This tour offers an unparalleled glimpse into the enduring legacy of Cluj-Napoca's Jewish heritage.

Adding a personal touch, your guide, Manuela, brings history to life with the remarkable story of her grandfather, Alexandru Chereches, honored with the title of Chasidei Umot HaOlam (Righteous Among the Nations). His courageous and inspiring story, revealed exclusively on this tour, adds a deeply moving and unforgettable dimension to your


Join us for a journey that is not just a tour, but a heartfelt exploration of history, culture, and personal heroism. Book now and let Cluj-Napoca’s Jewish heritage leave an indelible mark on your heart.

City tour duration icons_ time duration, museum.png
City tour duration icons_ time duration, museum.png
City tour duration icons_ time duration, museum.png

Tour Duration
​3 hours (approx.)

Entrance fee

to Jewish Muzem

is Included

Visit Sinagogue



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