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Two days of Adventure from Cluj

Our meticulously planned tour features two exhilarating hiking routes nestled in the breathtaking Carpathian Mountains, along with visits to the charming rural areas of Rimetea and Coltesti.

Delve into the mesmerizing beauty of Borzesi Natural Reserve Gorges during one day of our journey. The following day, brace yourself for the challenge of conquering the summit of the legendary Sleeping Gigant, a mountain steeped in captivating folklore.

Nestled in the heart of this captivating experience is the picturesque village of Rimetea, often referred to as "the place where the sun rises twice," providing a serene and welcoming accommodation backdrop.

This adventure is tailored for individuals seeking a medium to challenging level of physical activity. Join us in uncovering the wonders of Transylvania, where every step reveals a new chapter in this captivating story.

Day 1 
Borzesti Gorge

Discover the hidden treasure of the Borzești Gorge, a unique landscape that remains largely undiscovered by many. These lesser-known Borzești Gorges, tucked away in Transylvania, exude captivating beauty that leaves visitors breathless.

The relative obscurity of these gorges makes them an ideal haven for those seeking tranquility and moments of serenity. A retreat to the Borzești Gorges promises an escape from the ordinary, allowing you to immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of nature.

These gorges, often overlooked jewels of Cluj's natural wonders, eagerly await exploration by curious tourists. Cheile Borzești unfolds like a well-kept secret, a place that seems to be straight out of a storybook. 

Embark on a journey to this secret haven, where the sheer magnificence of nature is laid out before you. The trip begins with a convenient pickup from your accommodation in Cluj Napoca at 9 a.m., setting the stage for a day filled with awe-inspiring discoveries in the heart of Transylvania

Trail Description:

After 50 minutes car drive we reach the starting point of the hike. The trail leaves from the vicinity of Buru Hut, next to the national road. We walk up along Borzesti brook, which forms some wild gorge before flowing into the Aries. The trail marking goes through the gorge for a while, past two waterfalls that require attention, and in the middle of the gorge, it joins trail 35  We will continue through the wild gorge, without any trail marking, along the stream, past several rapids, to Gura Jigaului, a place where there used to be a watermill. On the way back we will change the route and climb up to a viewpoint called Coltu Corbului Peak. Here we will serve Picnic in a Romanian Traditional way, then descend through the forest to Buru hut. The sunset will catch us in the beautiful village of Rimetea where we will have accommodation.

TrailL Stats

Distance 9 km

Elevation gain 299 m

Elevation loss 299 m

Max elevation 623 m

Trail type Loop

Cheile Borzesti
Borzesti 3
Cheile Borzesti2
Cheile Borzesti 1

Rimetea Village 
'where the sun rises twice'

Nestled among the picturesque landscapes of Romania, Rimetea stands out as one of the country's most captivating rural attractions. Remarkably, it holds the distinction of being the first village in Romania to be honored with the Europa Nostra award, a testament to its commitment to preserving its architectural heritage.

At the heart of Rimetea's architectural patrimony are its unique white houses adorned with dark green shutters. These structures not only showcase the village's historical charm but also contribute to its distinctive character.

Dating back to the 13th century, Rimetea has a rich history, initially gaining mention in written records during this time. For centuries, it thrived as a vital mining and blacksmiths' center, retaining its prosperity while maintaining a rural ambiance. The village's medieval structure of plot organization and land use has endured through the ages, creating an almost unchanged historical landscape that charms visitors today.

The homogeneity of the white houses that encircle the central square, coupled with the narrow streets and an atmosphere of pristine silence, creates an idyllic scene in Rimetea. This village, with its unique blend of architectural beauty and natural serenity, becomes a haven for those seeking a tranquil escape.  It is said that here, the sun rises twice as it crawls across the eastern sky at the edge of the mountains.

Staying overnight in Rimetea offers an unforgettable experience, especially in a traditional room. Immerse yourself in the authentic charm of the village, where history, culture, and natural beauty converge to create an enchanting retreat. The allure of white houses with green shutters, the labyrinth of narrow streets, and the overall ambiance make a night in Rimetea a truly magical and memorable affair. 


Accommodation Overview:


Our partnered guest houses boast a classic charm, each offering picturesque views of the surrounding mountains. When it comes to choosing your sleeping arrangements, you have the flexibility to opt for a room with either a double bed, two single beds, or three beds—simply specify your preference during the final stage of the reservation process.

Rest assured that all our rooms come equipped with private bathrooms, cable TV, a hairdryer, and reliable Wi-Fi, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


Day 2 
Sleeping Gigant

After breakfast, you will meet with your guide to start the second day of hiking. It will be a medium-intensity hike that will take us to the top of the Giant. Silent and unchanging, just as a stoic giant, the Rock of the Szeklers (Piatra Secuiului) stands just outside the village of Rimetea, guarding it from the east. This natural fortress wall, 600 meters tall, is said to have helped the villagers defend themselves against a Tatar barbarian invasion, in the 1300s. Nowadays, from its peak spreads one of the most relaxing, dream-like, and unforgettable views you can witness. At the top we will take a picnic break, relax our feet, take pictures with the view, and listen to the legends told by our guide. The hike will continue on the ridge of the mountain. And we will go down through the forest to the village of Coltesti.




TrailL Stats

Distance 15 km

Elevation gain 800 m

Technical difficulty Moderate

Elevation loss 800 m

Max elevation 1,126 m

Trail type Loop

During the trip we will visit some tourist attractions in the villages such as: 




Piatra Secuiulu2i
Piatra Secuiului

Fortress of Colţeşti

It was built in the 1400s, by the Toroczkai, a noble Transylvanian family. The fortress ruins bear witness to centuries of conflict and stories of bravery and rebellion. It is one of the best places to witness double sunrise

Water Mill from Rimetea

Built in 1752 is still functional. Its enclosure can be compared to a true museum: dyeing utensils and other used machines are still waiting in their place, where they were left by the old mills.


Palinka Distillery

Your Trip to Rimetea is not  complete if you don't try at least a glass of home made drink :)

Rimetea Monastery,


Painted entirely by nuns, Many say it is a miracle as they have managed to paint this monastery.

Conacul Secuiesc

On the second day we will serve the meal at this beautiful restaurant at the foot of the mountain, it is a Romanian and Hungarian restaurant with traditional dishes.

Inclusion and   Exclusion  lists

Equipment list


This tour is flexible and may change and adapt depending on the size of the group,  physical condition and needs of the group.

For more questions about the tour please contact Curly Guide at

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