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Snowshoeing Fun Tour 

This is a winter walking tour and is your perfect day out to start enjoy the snow and the colder season.

The entire family will love this trip. The kids at heart will love snowshoeing The outdoor enthusiast will enjoy the Great Mountain from a unique and up-close perspective. The romantic adventurer will absorb the scenic landskape and the quiet solitude of the snow covered forest. This adventure is good for the heart, the body, and spirit.

The hiking is made easy by wearing special shoes on your feet that allow you to walk on top of the snow rather than sinking up to your chin.You will need normal walking boots as the snowshoes have adjustable straps and will fit on any boots. 

The 3 h-and 30 min walk over the Great Mountain near Cluj will bring you to great view points and through deep forests. Knowledgeable guide will offer discussions on native plants and animals, geology and local culture. Discover the finer points of winter ecology and other unique conditions of the Carpatian Mountains area. We will also stop along the way to take in the beautiful views and enjoy hot drinks. Our guided Snowshoe Tours are popular with all levels of nature enthusiasts.

The snowshoes are included and provided by us together with walking poles.

We will start with a short learning session, where you will be introduce into the basic skill of walking with snowshoes.Then the group will start the walk through the forest and over the mountain through deep snow and on some steep slopes.

This will be a great walk to remember.

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This tour is flexible and may change and adapt depending on the size of the group, arrival and departure date, physical condition and needs of the group.

For more questions about the tour and bookings please contact Curly Guide at


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