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Rick Higgins

Rick Higgins

18 aug. 2019

Travel influencer from US , video availeble ! He recently moved a School bus, 🙂 Experiences slow living and wants to spend his whole life like this.

Hi, I'm Rick and I'm on a quest to experience everything that this world has to offer. I'm exploring Life, Experiences, and Adventure from a Slow Moving Bus. (Yea, I'm one of them).

Two years ago, we tried to ride an old fashioned steam train through the Black Forest in Germany.  We were unsuccessful, mostly because of communications issues.  We asked for the slow and scenic train, we got tickets for the commuter.  Which went around the forest.


So when we were in Romania this year, and we heard that they had steam engines too, well we had to do it.  These are narrow gauge trains used primarily for hauling timber and trees, still to this day.  But they also hook up coaches and schlep tourists out into the woods of Transylvania.  And it was exactly what we wanted.


Curly Guide

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


That web site above?  It wasn't for the trains.  It was for a guy named Tudor and his incredible tours through salt mines, gorges, and moonshine tastings.  You really need to call him when you visit his city!




When I made this video back in November of 2019, it was my worst video yet.  But somehow, that also made it my best.  Let me 'splain.


I did everything wrong.  100% everything.  I wrote a rudimentary script and then couldn't pull it up on my phone.  Decided to wing it, and then couldn't remember anything I wrote.  YouTube videos start with a "hook", a teaser to get you watching ... I couldn't remember it.  In fact, when I filmed this, I didn't even do one.  Using every bit of editing magic I could muster only left the first few minutes as exciting as elder-sex. 


So why is this my best video then?  Because I keep watching it.  "Trains" has become my go-to lesson.  I grab a pencil and just document all the badness.  So I can try and not do it again.  When life gives you the perfect lemon and all that.


It also gave me an idea.  I had scheduled several videos, all of which were not pleasing to me.  So I dumped them all.  Not in the trash, but all at once on YouTube.  (Just look for everything on the 19th!).  Then I went back and wrote down everything I learned.  All the online tutorials I watched.  And started planning ... yes, planning ... what I wanted the next one to look like.  So find the gap between this video and the next ... it might be a few weeks ... and let's try this again.




Are you perhaps ... of a certain age?  Living life with all it has to offer?  Perhaps even thinking about a restart?  Yea, that pretty much describes us too.  We travel, quite a lot.  We volunteer, almost incessantly.  And we like to share ... which is where YOU come in.


We tend to focus on three things: Travel, Life, and Fun.  Not necessarily in that order, and rarely separately.  And we shoot videos about all of those.  Exploring cultures, food, and peoples.  Working our way through issues and possible potholes experienced by folks in our circumstances.  And we always want to share a laugh.

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