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Paula D’Urbano

Paula D’Urbano

11 nov. 2022

Paula is a Bloger on Travel and Fashion with over 12K followers on instagram, She traveled with Curly and wrote an article about her experience. We thank her for that

Turda Salt Mine, Turda Gorge & Rimetea Village (from Cluj)

As this trip ends in Cluj-Napoca, and looking for things to do in the area, I found several tour companies were offering tours to Turda Salt Mine & Rimetea Village. Ever since I visited Wielizcka Salt Mine in Krakow, I just love a salt mine so I knew this was for me. When researching tours, I found a tour which included a hike to Turda Gorge on top of the visit to the Salt Mine and thought, why not?

Turns out it was the best decision I could have ever made because the tour was wonderful, every single bit of it. The salt mine is unmissable, do make sure you do the row boat in the underground salt lake located right at the bottom of the mine. I particularly enjoyed the hike in Turda Gorge because we saw views out of this world which made me appreciate the natural beauty of Romania I would have otherwise missed. The hike was not a walk in the park, but not technically challenging and Tudor who runs this tour will adapt it for the group’s needs. If my 64 year old mum made it through it, you can too! I also had the opportunity to feel like a bird in a fun zipline, an optional activity. You can book this tour here,.

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