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Iceland Ring Road                


by campervans

12 Travelers
5 National Parks     
8 Days of Adventure 
  6 Campevans
9 Waterfalls
4 hiking trails

This experience is made especially for nature lovers who are always on the lookout for a new adventure, we will surround Iceland following Route 1 known as Ring Roade, the road connects most of the inhabited parts of the country. The trip will take place in a private way, a campervan will be available for 2 people, at least one of you must have a driver's license. For this adventure, we will use super cozy camper-vans which have everything you need for cooking and sleeping. We will do the shopping at the supermarket and we will cook for us at campsites.

Participants must be in good physical shape, passionate about nature, relief, caves, volcanoes but also the history of the place, we prefer real travelers.

Being a private trip we reserve the right to select participants.

If you never slept in a tent or campervan and have never cooked in the wild, this trip is not for you. The weather in Iceland is very unpredictable it can change every 5 minutes, the wind can be very strong. For the good development of the trip we chose August and with a prayer to the Elves, we hope to catch good weather.   


Day 1

driving distance - 116 Km

Chill out day

Our first-day program is a more relaxing one, after the flight we're going to get our cars. The next stop will be at the supermarket to buy the food needed for the trip. From here we will drive a short distance to the Blue Lagoon one of 25 wonders of the new world. We will use this time spent at this SPA to get to know each other better, we will form the adventure group that for the next 7 days will follow the path of the Vikings.



Day 2

driving distance - 247 Km

Golden Circle

Today we will make the oldest tour that was made in Europe 'The Golden Circle' consists of three equally stunning locations in southwest Iceland:

Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Area, and Gullfoss waterfall.


Day 3

driving distance - 194 Km

Wonders of the South

We will wake up early for a hike over the Skogafoss waterfall, it will be an easy level hike where we will see more waterfalls, we will identify flora and fauna, we will talk about the relief of Iceland about how the youngest land in Europe was formed. The hike is 8 km long with an Elevation gain of 440 m. 


After the hike we will visit the black beach Reynisfjara,


We will also take a trip to the famous plane that crashed on the beach.


After a walk to Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, the evening will catch us at the Skaftafell campsite.


Day 4

driving distance - 117 Km

Hikyng Paradise

On the 4th day we will wake up in one of the most beautiful national parks in Iceland, Vatnajökull National Park. After breakfast, we will start a 17 km hike, with a elevation gain of 777 m. At the black waterfall, we will take a break for pictures, we will also reach the base of the Krisinartindar peak, on the way back we will have a spectacular view of the glacier Skaftafellsjökull. 


After the hike we will stop at Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon,

weroad-p8-oTF8Fh9I-unsplash (1).jpg

Day 5

driving distance - 539 Km

The road to the North

Day 5 starts with a visit to the Supermarket to supply us with food for the rest of the trip. After which we will drive a distance of about 400 km to reach the north, on the way we will stop to see the volcanic lake Myvatn and the waterfall Godafos. The next campsite where we will spend the night will be in Akureyri.


Day 6

driving distance - 397 Km

Capital of North 

Today we will wake up in Akureyri, a beautiful fishing town, 

 we will have free time to visit the city, some of us will go on a boat tour to see the whales, others we will have a quiet atmosphere in the second-largest city in Iceland.In the afternoon we will head west to spend the night in a fairytale place .


Day 7

driving distance - 200Km

Snæfellsnes Peninsula

On day number 7 of our trip, we will be in a wilder area of Iceland, In Snaefelsnes Peninsula. We'll have a late breakfast, we will visit the surroundings, and then we will head to the capital.

We will have free time to visit Reykjavik, the evening will find us in a downtown pub we will talk about this adventurous experience in which we covered about 1800 km of road, in which we saw 9 waterfalls, 5 national parks, volcanoes and geysers, we slept in the campsite we cooked for ourselves, and most importantly, we became true friends.


Day 8

Bye Bye Iceland

The last day starts early in the morning. We will hand over the cars and we'll head to the airport.

A pleasant flight will take us from the Land of Ice to our countries.

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This tour is flexible and may change and adapt depending on the size of the group, physical condition, and needs of the group.


For more questions about the tour and bookings please contact Curly Guide at

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